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Hi guys!

It’s been such a long time since I wrote a post. So, I work remotely with my salon from Moldova and travel there at least every two months to get things done. Also, now that things are more in order in Netherlands, I started working as a freelance makeup artist in Amsterdam as well. And because it is so easy to get around Europe, I started taking jobs in other cities and countries as well.

I thought it is time to write a post for future persons that want to hire me for their weddings, events or any kind of shootings. So, this post is about how to make the booking, what to talk about and how is the whole process of hiring me or deciding if I am the right person.


  1.  Portflio & Choosing – First you need to see the site, portfolio or even Instagram Feed of the future makeup artist you want to hire. If their style/personality fits you, then you can always contact them directly or via mail. On my site it is pretty easy to do that as you can clearly see the Book Me button. You need to do that at least 4-5 months before the event.
  2. Booking & Payment – Of course the  first thing you need to discuss is pricing, road expenses and packages. If you hire someone to do your wedding and have multiple people that want their hair & makeup done, you can always discuss discounts as well. This is an important fact, because if we discuss a couple of times and then every part agrees with the other, then the next step would be a small transfer of a sum into my account that assures you the booking. After I offer you the services, you can transfer the rest of the money. This is really an important step, as you need to be 100% sure that the other person is reliable and also professional. And it also gives you a proof in any scenario. The client supports the road expenses as well if it is another city then Amsterdam, or another country then Netherlands.
  3. Logistics – After booking the makeup artist and the hair stylist, comes the discussion of the logistics. This includes timing, hour of start, roads and possibilities to get at the location. And everything else in between is important to set before the day.
  4. Trial – Some people really want to try the makeup first before the wedding. That can include a trip to Amsterdam or just a meeting between us somewhere to try out the makeup. This is a really important and interesting part, especially if you are a person that does not wear too much makeup or none at all on a daily basis. The trial gives you that moment to try out the makeup that you really want for yourself, but also listen the advices of the makeup artist. The trial is a really nice part to experience, because after that you can decide exactly how and what you want. 


I think these are very easy, but important steps into finding and booking your beauty specialist for your wedding. Do not forget, it has to be someone that makes you feel comfortable, that is very easy going and that does things exactly how you want them. And last, but not least, here is My Portfolio one more time in case you were wondering.

Have a great day everyone!

Photos from my bride Alexandrina from Italy



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