Kefalonia Island, Greece (part II)

I have to show you all the things to do/see on this beautifully greek island. There are so many activities, that it can take you a month to discover them all.
As tourists, we went to see the most popular things here in Kefalonia.

[RO] Trebuie să vă arăt cele mai importante destinații ale insulei Kefalonia. De fapt, pentru a vedea totul cred că ai nevoie de o lună, dar eu o să vă arăt unele din cele mai populare locuri de văzut si făcut pe insulă.

Skala Village – the place where our Captain’s Hotel was situated. This is a nice place to stay, eat delicious food and see great sunsets.

IMG_3165 (1)

IMG_3169 (1)

IMG_3181 (1)

IMG_3183 (1)

Argostoli city – the capital of Kefalonia and the city of tourists, shopping and great views.

IMG_3324 (1)

IMG_3331 (1)

IMG_3346 (1)

IMG_3347 (1)

IMG_3348 (1)

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IMG_3351 (1)

IMG_3360 (1)

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IMG_3368 (1)

IMG_3373 (1)

Antisamos beach – from my point of view the best beach of Kefalonia that offers the best confort.

IMG_3399 (1)

IMG_3401 (1)

IMG_3406 (1)

IMG_3409 (1)

IMG_3416 (1)

IMG_3421 (1)

IMG_3425 (1)

IMG_3450 (1)

IMG_3463 (1)

IMG_3472 (1)

IMG_3487 (1)

IMG_3493 (1)

IMG_3495 (1)

IMG_3503 (1)

IMG_3524 (1)

Xi beach – a super reddish and sandy beach that gives you the pleasure of long walks.

IMG_3233 (1)

IMG_3251 (1)

IMG_3281 (1)

IMG_3293 (1)

IMG_3299 (1)

IMG_3309 (1)

IMG_3320 (1)

To eat at a Taverna – definitely go eat fresh fish in a local taverna as we did in one situated by the lake in Sami.

IMG_3532 (1)

IMG_3534 (1)

IMG_3537 (1)

IMG_3540 (1)

IMG_3553 (1)

IMG_3563 (1)

IMG_3573 (1)

Melisami cave – a must place to see.







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