Preventing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy/Oils

So, I’ve come to that period of my second pregnancy when I have to start preventing the appearance of stretch marks on my body.

Getting into the sixth month is not easy. My belly looks different from the first pregnancy as it’s bigger and the baby stays in front ( mothers know what I mean), so I have to be more careful than the first time. My skin feels like scratching already, so I’m using minimum once a day oils to prevent stretch marks.

And now, let’s talk about what I’m using for my skin to prevent any marks.
As, it is a bit dry, I like to put on really thick oils, as I do feel they work best for me. I put the oil from my underarms all over to my legs, as that is the area that is going to be stretched the most. If I feel that it isn’t enough, I do it in the morning and in the evening.

Sometimes, before bed I put lots of oils ( like a lot!) and just stay on the bed, read my book or scroll through my phone for at least 20 minutes and then I take a napkin and take off the needed amount.

Summer is coming, so I think I’m gonna be living in oils, especially if I go to the seaside.

See bellow what I do to prevent stretch marks and what do I use for that!

1. I try to drink lots of water, because the skin needs hydration from the inside as well.

2. I moisturise my skin with oils everyday, sometimes twice a day and I make a routine out of it, because the skin needs elasticity.

3. I use only natural products.

4. I use the oils everywhere including my hips, breasts and of course the belly.

I use BioOil as it’s considered one of the best oils to prevent stretch marks and because it’s thick, it’s made of natural ingredients and it’s really perfect for my dry skin.


Weleda has a great thick oil for preventing stretch mark as well during pregnancy. So, I’ve got a big stock of them as I will be using all these oils :).


Nspa Mom To Be oil is the one I like to take with me on trips, because of the small package. It’s not that thick, but it’s natural and pleasant as well.


Sometimes I use vegetal oil for food. These are the fattest and thickest ones, so I do feel like they are helping as well. I use simple Olive Oil from Casa Rinaldi or just Grape Seed Oil all over.



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