Family trip to Switzerland

Going to the mountains with the kids in autumn is one of our favorite things to do. Now that they are bigger, trips with our car seem something nice and adventurous. Not other than Switzerland and its gorgeous view was our destination this holiday. Driving from Amsterdam to Switzerland can be fun. A 9 hour drive divided in two days with fun stops and a night in Luxembourg is what we did.

Once arrived in the Swiss Alps, we stayed the first two nights in Kandersteg. There are two amazing lakes on top of the mountains to which you can get by gondola ( if it’s open/read on the internet about the season). Otherwise you can always hike there and trust me it’s the most rewarding thing ever. If you have toddlers then I would always suggest choosing a gondola and then hike around the lake. But even for hiking around the lake, you will need a special stroller or a wagon to carry the kids. We have one from Jipfish and it helped a lot. Kids ate in it, slept in it, play in it and enjoyed the nature from it. Lake Oeschinensee from Kandersteg is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. We hiked up and down 6 km. It was a bit insane, but crazy beautiful.

Kandersteg, Lake Oeschinensee

Oeschinensee Lake

After this, we spent another two nights in Engelberg. This city offers some amazing playgrounds up in he mountains. Probably the most epic and beautiful playgrounds I have ever seen in my life. But the photos will speak for them. The city itself is popular, has many attractions and things to do. We took it slow, went up in the mountains, hiked around the Trubsee Lake and enjoyed two different playgrounds in two days.
Remember to always have snacks with you, sunscreen, water, and something to carry the kids.

Playground View on top of the Mountain / Engelberg
Playground on top of the Mountain /Engelber

I highly recommend visiting Switzerland, but mostly with the car. Because the ride into that country and in between the Alps is just breathtaking. Everything looks like a postcard!


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