Ray Ban Clubmaster

I was looking for a while for these Clubmaster Ray Ban sunnies and found them in Barcelona yesterday. They look so nonconformist and cool. Still Ray Ban is the greatest brand for teenagers and cool people.

[RO] De ceva timp căutam modelul Clubmaster din Ray Ban. Ieri, în sfîrsit i-am găsit în Barcelona. Sunt un model mai nonconformist, pe care nu-i înțeleg multă lume. Eu, însă cred că sunt foarte neobisnuiți si originali.



  1. love them !!

    kisses from pepa <33

  2. Ha, ma uitam si eu la astia, dar nu merg la fata mea, lucky you, chiar iti stau bine!!!

    xoxo Dia!

  3. aiaaiiaiiaaaaaaa asa-s de super :) si-ti stau tare bine Anisoara :)

  4. Buna.Ochelarii sunt super!Catalin Botezatu are la fel——->

  5. Hey, what’s the model number? These Clubmaster are very pretty! :)

  6. Beautiful! I lend one pic to a collage, hope that’s okay? :)

  7. Hey,Love Them!Could you tell me the exact model number?

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