Weekends in Amsterdam

Hey guys! So, I decided to write down how we spend our weekends here in the city. Besides doing all sorts of activities in the city, we love to go to the beach. We especially like the beaches near Haarlem because of the distance (30 minutes by car) and because of the sand, beach clubs and all sorts of play grounds for kids. Yesterday we went to the Zandvoort Beach.

Even if you don’t get the amazing blue water in the sea here in the Netherlands, the sand from the beach is super thin and soft. You also get hundred of meters of sand and the beaches are wide enough. You can find on the beach lots of beach houses and clubs that are friendly for everyone. Most of them have good food, great atmosphere, sun beds and so on. Yesterday we stayed on the beach near The Hippie Fish Beach Club and we loved it. You can have a great relaxing walk on the beach, play a lot in the sun and even have a bike ride as they always have an alley in front of the beach for that.

Don’t forget about the sunsets, which are beautiful here.

I feel blessed every day for being so close to the beach and for being able to go there whenever we feel like!

Have a great Sunday!


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