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Before our wedding, we had the perfect apartment, that was empty and ready for us to move in and build our little and happy life. My husband is a web designer, so he has always been inspired by the minimal interior design and architecture. I have always been attracted by the modern spaces and decorations, so together we were determined to transform our one hundred square meters of living space into a contemporary apartment. It took us 6 months, a designer and our ideas until we made it happen. We analyzed the, the, the, all the local and foreign furniture companies to obtain the result we wanted. In this post I’ll show you just the modern details and decorations that we have in our apartment, and when there will be some good photos of each room, there will be a new post of the apartment.

1. This is the fun wall of our kitchen.There are three shelves, made especially for photo frames, for souvenirs from the countries that we traveled in and for a big watch, bought from KARE, because everyone needs one in a kitchen.

2. The “A” letter and the two white vases were bought from BOConcept, Romania and they decorate our living room, where we spend a lot of time watching movies. There is a also a bike-guy, that is a gift from France.

3. This is a wall from our living room, that has on it a very contemporary coloured furniture, made more for the design and used by us as a shelf for books.

4. My husband’s office has a library, decorated on top with a red vase, that is a gift from our friends. You can also see a bamboo decoration that separates the office from the living room.

5. In our bedroom there is a piece that I simply adore, it’s my chair from the make-up table, bought from IKEA Romania. On the make-up table you can see a wooden  fir, used for holding some of my jewelries and a box looking like a book, from KARE  for jewelries as well. The bedroom is beige and has on the wall behind the bed some red lines, that light the room. Near the bed, on the bedside there is a mini-couch that serves as a decoration.

6. In the hall we have a mirror that leans on the wall and on the opposite wall there is a night photo of New York.



  1. Esential..imi place. Copacelul din bucatarie ii ft original :))

  2. Inteligenta sexuala da? :D

    Foarte frumoasa locuinta aveti, e tare cosy :)

    mai puneti poze, ca noi tot suntem in situatia de pregatire a apartamentului!!

  3. Chiar te rog, la voi e mai frumos, si mai real, decit pe websiturile astea :)

  4. imi place foarte mult! Astept si alte articole pe tema asta :)

  5. Nastyka Nicolenco

    hahaha. exact prin timpul asta vorbeam cu iubitul meu k imi place bucataria ta,si incercam sa ii arat cate ceva ce am prins prin pozele tale. insa astea cu casa sunt si ele dragutse. Sunteti bravo,apreciez gustul vostru. vreau si poze cu bucataria. :D

  6. Cind o sa mai fie poze ? ai promis :P

  7. Asteptam :D

  8. foarte frumos.imi poti da detalii unde ai facut mobila??multumesc mult.

  9. Ana, Salut..poți să-mi zici te rog din ce magazin ai cumparat lustra din sala? Mulțumesc.

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