Plaid Everything

It seems that everybody wears plaid pieces. Almost every brand here and there has a plaid jacket, pants, skirt or even dress in their autumn/winter collection.

Actually, some of your parents may even have this kind of jacket in their wardrobe, that’s if they kept it. So, the cool thing about it, it’s that even if you have a classic jacket that is plaid, it goes nicely with more casual pieces.

Just look how good it looks with a pair of jeans and nice high heels. This outfit would have been great with loafers or white sneakers as well. If you add a white tee under it, then it looks super casual and chic at the same time.

Having a plaid piece in your wardrobe is a must, if you are really into trends. But keep it for many years, as it will come back for sure how it did now.

Have a great weekend guys!


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