Round up

On tuesday we finally got home.  Long, hard days on roads, especially after vacation. Everyone have been telling us that the islands of Greece are some great places to see, this year we got convinced by ourselves. The crystal clear water, the nature, the white houses, the clubs on the beaches, the wild beaches, the handmade things and the tastiest food ever made our vacation be wonderful. So, here are some photos that I haven’t show you in the recent posts about Mykonos, that everytime I look at, make me wanna go back there for ever . Conclusion – in Athens there is no sign of strikes and  I haven’t heard one person that has spent his vacation in some of the greek islands, to be complaining or disappointed .


Super Paradise beach



  1. Frumoasa insula, frumosi voi! la anul va recomand si pe insulele Maldive (ca in rai:))

  2. wow, these photos are absolutely amazing, i truly believe you has a great time there. the photo of athens is simply stunning to be honest!

    Costin M.

  3. Nice posts, and love your photos on blog, really creative!
    Bookmarked! Maybe follow too?

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