Mykonos with Kids

This year we traveled in Mykonos with the kids. The experience was totally different then seven years ago when we first went.

First of all, the Island is transforming slowly into Ibiza, which means lots of beaches are full of beach clubs and parties all day long, as well as there is only one or two beaches left wild. Also, everybody says that the demand for the island is so high, that the prices will only go up and up. Still, if you book in advance, you can find great flight options as well as great hotels and different price ranges.

There are two particular good beaches for families that we liked and attended. We stayed five days in Platis Gialos Beach at the Hotel Acrogiali. Great location, exactly on the beach. I found this one super nice for us, as we had restaurant and bars everywhere, the beach is small, cosy and nice for the little ones. We could easily nap in the room and get back to the beach as well as we had a market exactly one minute away.

Another Beach that I found veeeery family friendly was Ornos Beach. You find there a nice, friendly beach for kids, quite restaurant and not so many beach clubs. I highly recommend to stay there at a Hotel as well. We had a car and drove there anytime we wanted.

The second location we stayed in another five days is Panormos Villas. It is situated on the mountain, above the Panormos Beach. The Villas there have a breathtaking views over the beach as well as you get an amazing sunset every night. But you need a car to travel the island or go to certain beaches from there. They have all these services, like a nanny for the kids or personal chef experience, room service and a lot of other things services. The Vilas are above Panormos Beach, which is a nice one, but unfortunately it has been occupied by a beach club and is not reachable otherwise. So, you can go at that Beach Club, but you will spend a great amount of money for a day there, or you can hire a car and visit different other beaches every day, like we did.

Mykonos is one of my favorite places, even if it’ becoming something exclusive and more expensive. The style of the old city, the sunsets, the music, beaches and everything is just wow. Still, if you book everything in advance, you can go there with any money, trust me.

So, I hope my recommendations about traveling there with the family helped you. If you have any other questions, you can leave them bellow.

Have a great week!

Platis Gialos Beach – the plave where we stayed the first five days. Here is how the water and beach looks like from the drone.

Panormos Vilas – The View to Panormos Beach and the Vilas from above

Some old town photos


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