Year: 2017


Celebook – Cadoul Perfect Pentru Mama

Sunt sigură că mama îți citea povești cînd erai mic/mică. Acum a venit rîndul tău să-i dăruiești povestea voastră, scrisă de tine, imprimată într-o fotocarte. Împreună cu Celebook am hotărît să facem un concurs de 8 Martie. Pînă pe data de 25 februarie comentează această postare (prin facebook sau logat […]


Aridon S/S 2017

Are you ready to wear some more denim on this season of Spring/Summer? Well, I want to show you guys some great outfits created with some pieces from Aridon, a local shop that combines different jeans brands and modern pieces. Here is my first denim on denim outfit created with […]


Coloring Winter

We are all tired of this unstable winter weather. It’s sunny, it snows, then it’s cold and then it’s raining again. So, I decided to color up my days a bit by wearing this super cool neon parka from The Flavour Atelier and this tiny, traditional emrboidered bag from Iutta. […]


Livigno, Italy

Our latest vacation was in Livigno, Italy. Five days in the Alps with the closest friends and without kids is exactly what we needed. We chose this mountain destination because of its beauty, absolutely white slopes, lots of parties and of course delicious, italian food. Some tips: – We booked […]


Sunny Winter

Why is it that with age, we want to wear simple, basic clothes? Why is it that those clothes are more stylish than anything colored or bold? And why is it that anything basic is super comfy? Well, it seems that I became the comfy, simple, basic type of cloth […]