Year: 2017


One Wish

I have one wish for my city, ChiČ™inau. I want its buildings and architecture to be respected. I want the old houses to be reconstructed as they used to look. I want its streets to look modern. And I want it to be full of trees that bloom super nice […]



Are you having a really important event in your life? Mark it with a great trip. Invest in your lifestyle and get a great experience by traveling to Mauritius! It was the best gift I could ever get to my 30th birthday. You can book your trip with a travel […]


Keeping Memories

You know it’s full Spring when flowers are blooming. The season of Easter brings pure joy and happiness. And we all know we must snap and keep close to our hearts all our memories. That’s why we are always taking photos of our kids. Time flies too fast and they […]



Sometimes, we’re running so fast to impress and wear prints on prints on prints, that we forget about the basics. The basic black color, that is sometimes the best option to wear and make a point. The simple black dress is always a good idea for every type of body […]