Year: 2017


Pastels in Cold Weather

Seems, there are lots of super cosy clothes in pastels as well. And these colors actually look good on cold, white streets. Just be super careful when buying pastel pieces for the cold season. They should be from super warm materials like cotton, cashmere or wool. Stay stylish, but be […]


Sweet November

Busy moms do not have time to think about combining pieces and creating really cool outfits. That’s why, most of the brands do super wearable pieces, so that every busy woman can be super chic, but comfy. So, I guess good brands like Golden Goose Deluxe create cool sneakers with […]



Weekends are different. People are allowed to enjoy it however they want. Wether it’s watching movies on the couch all day, doing laundry, sports or going out with the kids. Well, with the kids around we don’t really get to sit on the couch. Usually our weekends are chill, but […]


What to Wear this Autumn?

What to wear this autumn, many people will ask. Well, I definitely choose classy pieces for a while now. Still, sometimes everybody wants to be trendy as hell. So, we don’t forget trends, but we also can choose what to spend money for. So, choose classic pieces that will resist […]


Rock’n’roll Vibes

Mommy Jeans & Rock’n’roll motive T shirts are still on. And somehow, I think they will always be on top. Because Rock will always be on top! And combining high brands with accessible brands will always be a good idea. Just look how sexy these simple black sandals from Saint […]


Vintage Last Days of Summer

I guess all those vintage prints & dresses are back! Even my dad thinks that this one that I’m wearing in Today’s post looks like my grandma’s )). I think it looks feminine & it shows exactly how much it needs to show. It’s subtle and elegant and the print […]