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August 5, 2011 0 comments

This is one amazing vacation – first time in Greece, Athens, amazing impressions. Athens is a combination of antiquity and great infrastructure, you drive the modern, new roades of the city, looking at the same time at the white buildings, port and the most visited place by tourists – Acropolis. The city is simply white, amazing and incredible. After visiting the most interesting places, at night we went to eat some local food. First we took a walk along the Piraeus port of Athens and then we ate at “The Lion of Piraeus” restaurant. There is one thing to say about this restaurant – great seafood and fast service. Read More »

Ice cream pancakes

August 1, 2011 4 comments

Good morning everyone ! Today I’m having the last breakfast at home before living to Mykonos. As I wanted something easy, I improvised and made some pancakes with ice cream and banana on top of them. It was easy and delicious, eaten by us with an orange fresh juice. Have a great week everyone !

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Maxi black dress

July 31, 2011 4 comments


This saturady I met with my friends, so after a long and a hard week, I wanted to wear something chic, but I was so tired that the heels were not my choice. So I decided to wear flats, my maxi black dress and just put on some golden accessorizes and a leopard clutch. This dress is amazing, it can be worn in so many different ways. It can be worn as a night dress with heels, as a casual one, as an everyday outfit with flats, it’s good for summer and for autumn. Check out the photos and tell me if you like the outfit :)

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Boyfriend’s shirt

July 29, 2011 4 comments

I guess I should call mine husband’s shirt :). I got this shirt from Mango and it’s so multifunctional. It can be worn with jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts and with whatever your imagination works on. Today I decided to wear it as a cover-shirt, as it’s very hot outside and I put on a pair of high-waisted shorts with a mini top. As I’m still in the city and the outfit looks too bold for it, the shirt was perfect. The outfit is nude, chic and perfect for everyday.

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Interior design details

July 28, 2011 17 comments

Before our wedding, we had the perfect apartment, that was empty and ready for us to move in and build our little and happy life. My husband is a web designer, so he has always been inspired by the minimal interior design and architecture. I have always been attracted by the modern spaces and decorations, so together we were determined to transform our one hundred square meters of living space into a contemporary apartment. It took us 6 months, a designer and our ideas until we made it happen. We analyzed the, the, the, all the local and foreign furniture companies to obtain the result we wanted. In this post I’ll show you just the modern details and decorations that we have in our apartment, and when there will be some good photos of each room, there will be a new post of the apartment.

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