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Say yes to rubber

July 18, 2011 2 comments

When I was in Berlin, I bought a pair of summer sandals made of rubber. At the beginning I thought they won’t be comfortable, but I was wrong. Since I came home, they are my everyday pleasure for walking, so when I went shopping one day, I discovered a great pair of rubber flats from blugirl. These flats are just amazing, they are perfect for summer rains, so colourful, so matching almost every outfit. Take a look at the photos and tell me would you wear a pair of shoes made of rubber?

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The 70’s

July 15, 2011 2 comments

As the hippie subculture still exists and remains relevant in present, today I decided to wear some clothes and details that reminds the 70’s. So, I left my hair breathe and play in the wind, put on one of my summer hats and the clothes and details that have the touch of the 70’s. Even the photos I will post, have the 70’s effect.

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Sweet brownie

July 13, 2011 8 comments

When I was in USA, I tried different types of desserts, but there were one that fascinated me. It is called Brownie and it’s all made of chocolate and can be served with ice-cream, caramel and vanilla powder.. or if you like, you can serve it plain with a cup of tea or coffee. Yesterday, I tried to bake the brownie cake at home, alone, with no help and guess what, in the end it wasn’t different than the ones from restaurants. I’ll write for you the recipe and you can try to bake one at home, because it’s very simple. You will be able to see the photos and all the steps described under them.

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The paparazzi clutch

July 12, 2011 8 comments

This saturday I went to a wedding that took place during the day, so being very hot outside, I decided to choose an easy summery outfit. You can also see in the photos one of the greatest things from my wardrobe – a paparazzi clutch. I bought this clutch last year, from, at the sales, for a reasonable price. It’s very colourful and it looks like a real magazine, especially when holding it in hands. If u like it, u can check the site and find one for sure.

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PRO Fashion, June

July 8, 2011 3 comments

Last month I had a photo session for the section “PRO Fashion” from the site. It was pretty amazing and fun, cause the girls,  (Valeria Nicov and Marina Trocin ),  I worked with,  are really nice. I had to choose three summer outfits for this session and you will be able to see them here. In this post you will see more photos from the session..the funny ones and the best ones . Check them out and tell me which outfit do you like more :))))

[RO] Luna trecută am pozat pentru rubrica “PRO Fashion” de pe site-ul  . A fost o experiență placută și distractivă, în primul rînd , pentru că fetele cu care am lucrat (Valeria Nicov și Marina Trocin) sunt foarte drăguțe. În această sesiune foto trebuia să-mi aleg trei ținute de vară,pe care puteți să le vedeți aici. În această postare o sa puteți vedea mai multe poze,cele mai amuzante și cele mai bune din toate . Vedeți  pozele de mai jos și spuneți-mi care ținută v-a plăcut mai mult.

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