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One of my friends is getting married this friday, so she decided to make the bachelor party over the past weekend in Ukraine, Odessa, because it’s the nearest beach and sea of our country. Although it’s september, we felt like summer. The first day was rainy and a little cold outside, but the second day the sun smiled to us. She rented an apartment in Arkadia suburb, which is located fifteen minutes from Odessa’s city center and is considered to be the boulevard for parties, festivities and nightclubs. In Arkadia we went eating at “Fanconi” restaurant and night club, which is situated right before entering the beach then we went to “Ibiza” club, which is considered to be one of the best. The second day we went to the beach of “Ibiza” club, that has it’s own private beach and pool, bar, cafe, where you can swim, eat, drink a cocktail, relax on the white beds, listen to the music and have lots of fun, like we did. The entrance in the club during the day is free and you pay only if you need a bed or a seat to stay. At night we visited the center of Odessa, where you can find lots of good shops and restaurants. We took dinner at “Top sandwich”, an excelent restaurant with great food. After eating we took a long walk on Derebasovskaya Street, shop a little bit and saw a beautiful concert. The bachelor weekend was amazing, great impressions and amazing time. I can only congratulate my friend Ana for getting married this friday.

The block of the apartment that we stayed in
The view from the apartment
"Fanconi" restaurant

"Ibiza" club
The entrance of the "Ibiza" club

The bride :)

"Ibiza" club during the day

Comfortable clothes for a long walk


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  1. “to make the bachelor party OVER THE PAST WEEKEND in Ukraine, Odessa, because IT’S THE NEAREST BEACH AND SEA OF OUR COUNTRY. ” – bad geography and bad english

    2nd mistake: the sentence doesnt make any sense
    ”The first day was rainy and a little cold outside, but the second day the sun smiled to us.”

    3rd mistake: reread the damn long sentence and add some , ! ? . for us to know where it starts and where it ends.
    ”……is situated right before entering THEN beach then we went to “Ibiza” club…..”

    4th mistake:
    “We TOOK dinner” – we HAD dinner

    5th mistake:
    “great food, good shops/restaurants” – if you want to attract international viewers, posting pictures and simply describing smth with very poor words is not enough. There are so many synonims aka “delicious/amazing food” or ” a variety of restaurants/shops”.

    6th mistake: all verbs at simple past.
    ”After eating we took a long walk on Derebasovskaya Street, shop (SHOPPED/WENT SHOPPING) a little bit and saw a beautiful concert…”

    7th mistake: no verb= doesnt make any sens
    ”The bachelor weekend was amazing, great impressions and amazing time.”

    Overall, you’ve got an insufficient command of english. If you want your web page to look amazingly perfect, I would advise you to reread your text before posting it and see where the sentences are not connected together or if there are any other grammare mistakes. Or you could simply post it in your mother language.

    Good luck,

    Gaby xxx

  2. But in the end did you understand the text? And I’m working on my text….I have google translate opened everytime i work on a post..don’t worry :)
    1st- the nearest beach for our country is Odessa’s beach
    2nd-the first day was rainy and cold..and the second was sunny..great weather for beach
    3d-the “Fanconi” restaurant is situated in Arkadia suburb..right before entering the beach..there is just ONE beach in Arkadia..
    4th-my mistake..we really had dinner
    5th-I’m not trying to attract international viewers to read my blog..it’s my place and i have lots of foreign friends.. :)) and if somebody is really interested there is google…sometimes by pictures people get more interested and try to find the destination on map :)
    6th-my mistake-it’s shopped
    7th-ok..we came home with great impressions

  3. Nu îmi plac ,,experţii,, care ştiu doar a arăta cu degetul. Fiecare din noi face greşeli ortografice şi de exprimare. Ana scrie mai departe aşa cum scrii, eu citesc blogul tau permanent cu placere! Good luck!

  4. Veronica P.D.

    Ana… de fiecare data cand vad asa comentarii si pretentii imi aduc aminte de cand eram la disco in Bacioi si cineva ti-o zis: “Auzi tu?” si unicul raspuns dat a fost “Aud si inca tare bine” :) Pentru asta esti tu Ana pe care noi toti o stim si iubim… As to bad English and bad grammar – all I have to say is that English is not our first language. No matter how well one can speak speak or how much one can practice, there are certain idioms/expressions/subject-verb agreement that as foreigners we are susceptible to make mistakes. When my English is harshly criticized or corrected – I take a note, I try to improve but I also usually say: “My English is never going to be Amazingly Perfect, but at least I am trying to speak another language. It’s not as easy as it seems and if you would have ever learned another language than you would know how hard it is.” And for the future, Gabrielle, when you offer the following advice :”I would advise you to reread your text before posting it and see where the sentences are not connected together or if there are any other grammare mistakes”, I would make sure that you reread Your text and make sure you have no “grammare mistakes” :)

  5. Alex..daca as scrie pentru o revista ..cerintele ar fi mari..in cazul in care fac din placere pe propria mea pagina..apar si greseli..invats si ma perfectionez :)) Accept critica..dar nu de la cineva care tot face o sumedenie de greseli :))) Veronica :))) tu la mine esti cu engleza aproape perfecta..accept orice atentionare si corectie din partea TA :))) Te pup..P.S. miss you :))

  6. Ana, eu nu am venit cu nici-o critica. Scriam de Gabrielle :)

  7. Gabriela C.

    Ana, super tari raspunsurile. And by the way, textul se intelege perfect.

  8. Gabriela C.

    foto sunt fantastice. cine le-a facut, cu ce?

    • Majoritatea de mine sunt facute…dar daca sunt si eu in poza..inseamna ca una din fete :)) Sunt facute cu aparatul nostru foto Olympus :))

  9. Hello, Ana ..! First of all let me congrat you on this blog and wish you the best of luck with it in the future. Very positive, bright and colorful.. Also, keep the smile that you have in most of your pictures, it suits you really well ;) Now honestly, i’ve read Gabrielle’s comment and i think you should take it as a piece of advice and learn from it/maybe ask someone who’s fluent in english to help you before posting the text.. Google translate isn’t the best option here. Don’t take it as an offense, but Gabrielle is right: if you’re posting in english, we assume you’re trying to catch an international audience , so you should make sure the text is written properly. When doing something, make it perfect ;) Otherwise, you can just write in your native language and not complicate yourself.. Take it as positive criticism, since neither Gabrielle nor me wrote you anything offensive, so you should be thankful for any feedback. Now honesly, the text is quite uppseting in some moments.., make sure someone checks it. Keep up with this blog, you’re doing great so far.. Good luck in everything you do and enjoy life at it’s fullest :-)

    • I’m taking your comments as positive criticism guys..I just don’t like when somebody is talking to me with “god damn” ..and I know for sure that “Gabrielle” is not a foreign reader..but is somebody from my country :) And as I said earlier Lola, I’m not really trying to catch international audience, but if that happens I’m grateful , I just have lots of foreign friends.

  10. Daca pot sa zic modesta mea parere, personal urmaresc bloguri in suedeza si poloneza..si clar ca nu intaleg nici o boaba..dar totusi intru regulat si ma uit. La fraza ta “But in the end did you understand the text?” as adauga “But in the end did you like the post?”. Nu cred ca cineva s-ar deranja sa intre numai pt.u corectarea greselilor de exprimare sau gramaticale..motivul cred ca ii altul, si anume ca blogul tau e interesant , solicita imaginatia, ofera idei..si asta-i functia principala a unui blog (indiferent de limba sau mici greseli). Asa cum se subliniaza greselile ar trebui de subliniat si ce-i frumos. Pup :*

    • Mersi Mariana..si eu ma mir de ce cind fac un articol normal si sunt si poze normale..nu apare nici un comentariu pozitiv si de incurajare :)) Multumesc :*

  11. First ….new beginnings are most likely to attract haters of all sorts …keep your head up and don’t pay attention!
    Second … As opposed to most of our native and foreign fashion/style bloggers you represent The Real Chicks …a no – nonsense approach of being happy in your own skin! It’s nice to see a REAL girl with a good sence of style! Not to mention that the market is flooded with anorexic bloggers, committed to dieting and posting something that real people find difficult to relate to; therefore I find the concept of your blog delightful in that way, keep up the good work and develop the concept further – it suits you!
    Third … Should you need any help in terms of translation, do not hesitate to contact me… Would love to do it unconditionally and free of cahrge!
    P.S. Capu’ sus! And continue to be REAL!

    Much love from London!

  12. *charge :) – as to not irritate the grammarian aka Gabrielle aka Gaby

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