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August 27, 2011 0 comments

Somebody asked me to tell them what I think about the “Before I fall” by Lauren Oliver book, after I finish reading it. Well during our summer vacation in Greece I finally finished it and I can say that from a scale from one to ten it has a good seven. It’s a story about teenagers, specially about one girl who’s making wrong decisions in her life. Before she dies she lives the same day seven times and in the end she makes the right decision. You can read more about this book and its characters here. When I finished reading it, we had five more days to stay in Greece, so I went to the market to buy another book. The girl who worked there recommended to me “To the moon and back” book by Jill Mansell. This one deserves a strong nine. This is such an easy novel, from which can be made a romantic movie. It was so interesting and easy to read  that I finished it in four days. It’s about a woman and her tragic story  that in the end turns to be a happy one. You can read more reviews about the book here. Right now I started reading “Uncle Tom’s cabin” by Harriet Beecher Stowe, because a friend of mine recommeded it and everyone who red it says it’s a great book that  makes you cry a lot. Well if it makes you cry than it’s a strong one. If anybody wants to read the two books I described, it will be my pleasure to give it to you.




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