My husband’s birthday

July 26, 2011 6 comments

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday and it was such a long day, full of emotions, happiness and excitement. In the first part of the day we went to celebrate his birthday with our parents at Pegas restaurant. The food was great, the jokes, the glass of wine and the fact of being in the company of our relatives was amazing. Considering that we met with our family during the day, I decided to wear an easy white t-shirt from Mango, a floral skirt, which I simply love, and white sandals from Bershka.

At night we met with our friends in a new lounge, located on the fifth floor of a commercial center, in the open sky, called Carlson. The place was simply amazing, our friends, the music, the surprise from the house, the sushi, everything was great.


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  1. Tare frumos

  2. you guys seemed to have such a great time <3<3<3

  3. You look amazing together, and I’m sure the party was fabulous. Are you still together now?

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