Wrapped chicken in bacon

July 18, 2011 2 comments

When I come home from work and I’m tired and hungry, usually I open the fridge and I’m cooking something quick from whatever I find in there. Today I found in my fridge some chicken breast, bacon and some vegetables, and I remembered a recipe from my brother in law, Ion Ciorici. It’s very simple and  fast to cook it, and I also think instead of chicken you can use beef or pork. I’ll write  down the recipe for you.


-chicken breast

1. Cut the chicken breast in middle sized pieces and season it with salt and pepper.

2. Fry the meat in a pan for 10 minutes on both sides.

3. Wrap the fried chicken in bacon and put some toothpicks to hold it.

4. Put it in the oven at 170 ‘ for 15 minutes.

Your wrapped chicken in bacon is done and can be served with vegetables or salad, if you’re not lazy to make one, and of course with a glass of wine.


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